2013 Achievement Award Winners

2013 PBIS Achievement Award Winners

http://thebandchoice.com/song-list/ Let’s all join together to recognize and applaud the impact and achievements of schools across Arizona using Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Recognized schools have submitted to an application and approval process and demonstrated both high fidelity of implementation and data-based outcomes in student behavior, achievement, and school safety & climate.

2013 Silver Award – High Fidelity Tier 1 and Initial Implementation Tier 2/3 PBIS

Mohave Middle School, Scottsdale Unified School DistrictPrincipal: Chris Asmussen PBIS has impacted our school community in several constructive ways. There has been a sharp decrease in our office referrals this year due to our staff and students knowing behavior expectations throughout the school. The decrease is also attributed to teachers understanding what infractions are classroom managed and what infractions are handled by administration using our discipline flow chart. Students are responding to the positive reinforcement they receive for following the expected behaviors in our school and classrooms. There has been an increase in instructional time due to the reduction of office referrals. This has shown an increase in academic success for many of our students. When our administration runs data for academic achievement, only 5-8% of our students need academic interventions. In our team meetings, teachers are expressing how positive this year has been both academically and behaviorally with many of our students. Students have reported that they like receiving their PAWS tickets and they like Mohave. PBIS has improved Mohave, making a great school even better.
Page High School, Page Unified School DistrictPrincipal: Paul Gagnon Page High School is in the second year of PBIS implementation. Our PRIDE (Positive/Responsible/Involved/Determined/Excellent) roll-out and ticket reinforcement saw immediate behavior change and increase in school spirit. Community and other school administrators came in appreciation of the noticeable improvement. Focus for the remainder of the year is maintaining this growth and implementing with fidelity the Tier 2/3 interventions of CICO and student intervention tracking. We are excited about this year’s impact and the prospects for coming years.
Page Middle School, Page Unified School DistrictPrincipal: Christy Rodriguez The implementation of PBIS has had a positive impact on Page Middle School. Our reinforcement matrix has created shared expectations and a common language that allows us to positively reinforce students for following our school-wide expectations. This has helped both teachers and students become clearer about what behaviors are expected at school. Our Panther Paws ticket reinforcement system has helped teachers highlight the positive actions of our students and in return is shifting the climate of Page Middle School to a more positive atmosphere across the campus. The use of discipline data has helped us to better target students for behavior interventions and supports at the Tier 2 and Tier 3 level. Our overall discipline referrals for the school have decreased during our first year of implementation. As Page Middle School continues to build and refine our PBIS system we look for a continued decline in discipline issues and a more positive school climate through systematically teaching expectations, reinforcing students doing the right thing and targeting students who need extra support.

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2013 Bronze Award – High Fidelity Tier 1 PBIS

Boulder Creek High School, Deer Valley Unified School DistrictPrincipal: Lauren Sheahan Boulder Creek High School continually strives to improve our campus environment by promoting positive relationships between students, parents, and staff. PBIS is a perfect addition to our school in improving positive relationships and in developing a culture where expectations are consistent and communicated campus wide. Our goal is to encourage a climate in which everyone feels welcome, safe, and supported to succeed. Now, in our first year of implementation and after a full year of formal training, we have implemented the Boulder Creek slogan “Jagnation: We’re All In!” Jaguar PRIDE is defined by the following tenets: prepared, respectful, integrity, discipline, and everyone united. Signs, banners, and posters appear throughout the campus advocating these tenets and the team is continually compiling and analyzing data to target our efforts. The team has already observed a decrease in tardiness [See graph below] and is planning our first discipline tardy blitz to take place later this month. A decline in our Office Discipline Referrals is evident [ODR] through data [See graph below] from August to December and is encouraged by the monthly results. The implementation of the Gold Pride Ticket system has been received with great enthusiasm from students who want to be recognized, which has contributed positively to the learning environment. The team recently began to recognize teachers who are involved in the Gold Pride Ticket reward system. Our committee is in the process of constructing a Bully Prevention Program along with other interventions for tier two and tier three students recently identified in our Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS). Most importantly, the team is excited about what PBIS will continue to do for our students, staff, and community.
Desert View Intermediate School, Page Unified School DistrictPrincipal: Robin Greymountain PBIS has impacted our school by reducing the misbehaviors of our highest-risk students. It has given our staff –as well as our district — a consistent form of behavior management that can be used at any and all school events district wide. Because students are spending less time out of the classroom due to behavior problems — and more time in the classroom — it is anticipated that academic scores will improve. Students also report feeling more safety in the building, now that norms and expectations are taught explicity and signs posted. Because Desert View Intermediate is a new school (for grades 3-5) results cannot be compared from last year to this year. Instead we are comparing the current numbers to those of the start of the school year.
Lake View Primary School, Page Unified School DistrictPrincipal: Risha VanderWey PBIS has impacted Lake View Primary School by creating and establishing a school wide criteria/expectations of developing systems, utilizing behavior data and modeling practices to implement behavior supports. This has impacted the students positively because they understand how to be successful in the classroom through the use of our behavior matrix and common behavior expectations from faculty. By using tickets (feathers), students and teachers are positively rewarded frequently. Our Tier ll and Tier lll students participate in individualized check-in and check-out intervention.
Sacaton Middle School, Sacaton Elementary School DistrictPrincipal: Phillip Bonds PBIS has had a positive impact at Sacaton Middle School. With our population composed 100% of Native American Pima students, teachers had come to accept that students would be non-participatory and many overt acts of defiance were part of the student behavior norm. With the introduction and implementation of PBIS at our Middle School we found that students were very responsive to the new strategy of providing students immediate specific feedback with a Brave’s Buck. With staff training support to maintain program fidelity, teachers and staff are finding that the majority of our students are making correct choices showing that they are Responsible, Respectful, and Safe in classrooms, halls, cafeteria, gym, playground, offices, and the bus. With a SET Summary Score of 97%, we are well on our way to begin the next phase of PBIS with the CICO process. In addition to increased positive student response to PBIS, our teachers have also responded positively with a marked decrease in staff absences this year. We are maintaining 70-80% attendance of teachers. With students responding positively to PBIS procedures and teachers attending more days of instruction – we are confident that the results of our 3rd quarter benchmark testing and AIMS results will demonstrate great gains in student academic growth.


2013 Merit Award – Initial Implementation of PBIS

Paseo Hills Elementary School, Deer Valley Unified SchoolDistrictPrincipal: Trevor Ettenborough Paseo Hills School is a K-8 schools. This is out first year of implementation of Rattlers ROCK! As a result communication regarding behavior is consistent among students and staff. With expectations that are known to all our students are thriving and our data is clean. We have implemented Tier 1 with fidelity and are continuing to strengthen this layer. In addition we have begun our journey into Tier 2 intervention. Based on data we have a daily check in/out system with students throughout the school, and an intervention group in 4th grade that meets weekly. Our next phase within this model will be the implementation of the stop/walk/talk Bully prevention. We are looking forward to introducing this to students and staff this month and continuing to grow.

Be sure to submit your school for statewide recognition in January 2014.

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