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PBISaz is Arizona’s #1 Source for PBIS

We are the official statewide PBIS organization of Arizona dedicated to building capacity in our state through partnership with the national center. Dozens of organizations within Arizona make up the PBISaz Advisory Council to help increase awareness about PBIS and the positive outcomes it brings to students, schools, districts, behavioral health and mental health organizations, juvenile corrections, centers for youth and families.

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Assess Your PBIS Implementation

The first step to calling yourself a PBIS school is to assess your implementation fidelity. Trained SET Evaluators can conduct a standardized evaluation process to provided an answer. PBISaz does not certify evaluators, but provides this list as a service to individuals seeking to gain experience as a trained evaluator.


SET Evaluator Criteria

  1. Attend SET training from a trained evaluator (PBISaz training qualifies!).
  2. Shadow a SET Evaluator as they conduct an evaluation and share inter-observer reliability scoring with you.
  3. Be Shadowed by a SET Evaluator as you conduct an evaluation and share inter-observer reliability scoring with them.
  4. Independently complete at least one or more SET Evaluations.


Qualified Evaluators (may be available to shadow or to shadow you)
Listed alphabetically:

1-2-3 Checklists

National research has proven that PBIS is most sustainable when lead by a district team.

Step 1:

Download PBISaz_Readiness_Pack with all documents from the table below.

Step 2:

  • Choose a qualified provider using the PBISaz Service Provider Criteria (download document from table below) and ask for a quote. Ensure they can provide all the services listed on the Service Provider Criteria and will help you achieve all the School Outcome Criteria. Hire the provider best qualified to provide a complete multi-tiered PBIS systems and build your capacity to scale up within district.
  • Here are some providers of PBIS services in Arizona.
    If you feel you meet PBISaz Service Provider Criteria and want to be on this list, contact us.

Step 3:

Questions? Contact PBISaz

Download the forms below to get started!

Name Purpose Description Download
Getting Started Packet ALL FORMS See all PBISaz documents in one PDF file. PBISaz_Readiness_Pack
District Readiness Agreement Readiness Checklist This document spells out entry level criteria for any district wanting to implement a system such as PBIS and is based on national research of items critical for short and long-term outcomes and sustainability of PBIS. PBISaz_DistrictReadinessAgreement
School Readiness Agreement Readiness Checklist This document spells out entry level criteria for any school wanting to implement a system such as PBIS and is based on national research of items critical for short and long-term outcomes and sustainability of PBIS. PBISaz_SchoolReadinessAgreement
SIS-DAD Criteria Database Criteria This checklist helps you assess if your current database is capable of analyzing behavior data. SWIS is a university-run recommended system used nationwide for PBIS. SIS-DAD-Criteria.doc
School Outcome Criteria School Measures This documents lists the nationwide fidelity tools/assessments used to measure PBIS success and outcomes. SchoolOutcomeCriteria.pdf
Service Provider Criteria Provider Criteria All PBIS trainers must provide Training, Coaching, and Evaluation services consistent with national standards. Districts/Charter Schools can evaluate providers using this criteria document. ServiceProviderCriteria.doc
Seclusion & Restraint Report Document Incidents This is a prototype report with suggested elements for your school Seclusion & Restraint Report. Aggregated data must be reported to your district or the state. SeclusionRestraintReport.doc
Data Audit Tool (DAT) PBIS Outcome Spreadsheet Use this DAT to track annual summative data related to PBIS outcomes including academic, behavior, special education, and seclusion/restraint improvements. PBISaz_DataAuditTool_3 Spreadsheet


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