Advisory Council

Purpose of Statewide Advisory Council

The PBISaz Statewide Advisory Council serves to coordinate activities that support schools serving students in PreK – Grade 12 in implementing PBIS with fidelity, thereby reducing student behavioral challenges and use of suspensions, expulsions, seclusions and restraints, and improving the overall school climate for students and staff. The Council also works towards development of a statewide system of PBIS which provides measurable benefits for many stakeholders, including:

  • State (leadership, policies, resource management, etc.)
  • Community (collaboration for improved services behavioral health, DDD, etc.)
  • District (leadership, specialized behavioral expertise, policies)
  • School-wide (climate, shared effort to teach/encourage positive behaviors to all)
  • Classroom (clear expectations/routines that promote climates of learning)
  • Individual Student (intensive behavioral interventions – reduce problem behavior)

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Advisory Council Membership

The following individuals and their organizations provide leadership to the state through their involvement in the PBISaz Advisory Council.

Jean Ajamie – PBISaz

Jane Ballesteros – Pima County Superintendent’s Office

Sarah Bates – Vail School District

Jonathan Bowen – Paradise Valley Unified District

Korina Callahan – Kaibab Behavioral Services

Joni Cesario – Buckeye Elementary District

Sherri Dolan – Association for Supportive Child Care

Stacy Garza – Arizona Department of Juvenile Justice

Jeremy Gibson – Isaac Elementary District

Daniel Gulchak – Arizona Council for Exceptional Children

Melissa Hall – Marana Unified District

Sarup Mathur – Arizona State University/College of Education

Virginia Murray – Grand Canyon University

Celeste Nameth – Arizona Department of Education/Exceptional Student Services

Suzi Perry – Arizona Department of Education/Early Childhood Programs

Emily Phares – Willis Junior High School/Chandler Unified District

Mona Qafisheh – Arizona Association for Supportive Child Care

Joe Roselle – Laveen Elementary District

Cindy Ruich – Marana Unified District

John Speer – Assistant Superintendent (retired)

Heather Stough – Vail School District

Laura Wiggins – The Menta Group Special Education Services

Abby Wright – Madison Elementary District

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Goals of Advisory Council

In July 2019, the Advisory Council was re-launched under a new vision of grassroots leaderships.  The Council continues with its legacy activities while it establishes new goals and objectives under this new vision.

Prior Objectives (2016-17)


Assist schools in partnering with parents of students with DD on implementation of PBIS at home


Engage Early Childhood system stakeholders in offering PBIS as a strategy for infant and toddler caretakers and teachers


Increase the capacity of schools to provide intensive individual supports (Tier 3)


Increase school personnel knowledge of state and federal policy and guidance regarding use of seclusion and restraint


Improve the quality of restraint and seclusion data so that the data may inform school practices


Increase opportunities for educators to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for implementation of PBIS with fidelity


Increase the number of schools that are publicly recognized for implementing PBIS with fidelity


Increase funding in support of PBIS implementation